Use ephiphan VGA2USB framegrabber with video4linux2 interface (v4l2)

For a project to record seminars at IFISC, I bought a framegrabber to a Canadian company, Epiphan. The product is working properly and is capturing from a VGA signal in linux, like they promised. However, I had a problem when I tried to upgrade all the recording system, the linux video device generated for the vga2usb kernel module was in the version 1 of the video4linux interface. All the new video applications that I need, use the second version (video4linux2, v4l2). I went mad looking for a solution, and finally I wrote to the company asking about how to solve this. The solution is very simple, if you want to use the second version just pass a parameter (v4l2_enable=1) loading the module. Change the line in Makefile:

sudo /sbin/insmod $(vga2usb-module)


sudo /sbin/insmod $(vga2usb-module) v4l2_enable=1
Dont look in the manual or readme of the module, is a undocumented feature.

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